StrictlyVC: January 26, 2017

Hi, happy Thursday, everyone.:) Top News in the A.M. So that’s why Hugo Barra is coming back to Cali. Yesterday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced in a post that Barra — a former executive at Google and, more recently, the

StrictlyVC: January 25, 2017

Wednesday! Yes, we’re very late. Just know we did not forget you! Top News in the A.M. So much for the first big tech IPO of the year. As you’ve likely heard, Cisco has snapped up software developer AppDynamics for

StrictlyVC: January 24, 2017

Hi, happy Tuesday, everyone! We’re still running a fever over here, so if we aren’t responding to your emails, this is why. We fully hope/plan to be back in top shape for our upcoming StrictlyVC event on February 8. We

StrictlyVC: January 23, 2017

Hi, everyone, what a weekend! We weren’t able to march on Saturday, but we’re still amazed and moved by the siblings, cousins, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, (grandchildren!), friends and readers who joined marches all over the U.S. and the world.

StrictlyVC: January 20, 2017

That was some inauguration speech. So much for trying to unify the country. No column today as we coughed our way through the night and are now officially zonked. Superfluous pro tip: Do not, whatever you do, let a seven-year-old

StrictlyVC: January 19, 2017

Hi, everyone! Is it Friday yet? No?:) Top News in the A.M. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released its full findings following the investigation into last year’s fatal crash involving a driver’s use of Tesla’s semi-autonomous Autopilot feature,

StrictlyVC: January 18, 2017

Hi, everyone, happy Wednesday.:) Top News in the A.M. The Department of Labor just filed a lawsuit against software giant Oracle for discriminatory employment practices. More here. Facebook Agreed to Pay More for Oculus Than We Realized; Here’s Why Facebook

StrictlyVC: January 17, 2017

Hi, everyone, welcome back.:) Top News in the A.M. Amazon was just awarded a patent for a highway network that controls self-driving cars and trucks. Recode has the story here. Joe Lonsdale Moves Forward with 8VC’s New Fund and More

StrictlyVC: January 13, 2017

Aaaagh. We’re this close to finishing a column this a.m. but we have to get to a doctor’s appointment, so we’ll save it for next week. Happy Friday the 13th, everyone, and we’ll see you back here Tuesday, following MLK

StrictlyVC: January 12, 2017

Hi, and good morning/afternoon, all, happy Thursday. We’re racing out the door; please excuse any and all typos, as you do.:) Top News in the A.M. Apple is reportedly planning to build a significant new business in original television shows and