StrictlyVC: October 6, 2017

Friday! [Jumping jacks.] Hope you have a terrific weekend, everyone.:)

Top News in the A.M.

Former Yammer and Zenefits CEO David Sacks appears to be raising a venture capital fund, according to an SEC filing flagged by Axios.

StrictlyVC: October 5, 2017

Hello and happy Thursday!

Did we mention that StrictlyVC now has a little white mascot? He’s very cute as you can see below, but he is slowly and very surely killing us. Why didn’t anyone warn us that puppies are like babies?

StrictlyVC: October 4, 2017

Hello! Hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday.:)

Top News in the A.M.

Uber had its big board meeting yesterday and it sounds like some progress was made. Reportedly, the 11-person board agreed to switch to a new,

StrictlyVC: October 3, 2017

Hi! Thanks so much to the many of you who wrote in yesterday, trying to help us out with this new format. We fixed up a few things (the email header, the unsubscribe link). Unfortunately, we don’t yet have a fix for those of you who use Outlook but we’re working on it!

StrictlyVC: October 2, 2017

Hi, everyone, happy Monday, hope you had a great weekend.:)

Quick mention: we’ve been re-routed to a new product by our email service provider that mostly looks the same but is better optimized for mobile, we think/hope. If you see anything funky in the formatting,

StrictlyVC: September 29, 2017

We didn’t forget you (it’s been that kind of day). Hope you have a terrific weekend, everyone.

Also! We just posted pictures from Wednesday night’s event; we’ll have more content in the coming days, too. Thanks very much again to those of you who came out to spend the evening with us.:)

See you Monday.

StrictlyVC: September 28, 2017

Happy Thursday! We had *so much fun* last night. Thank you, everyone who made it to the party. Huge thanks, too, to our speakers, who were candid, amusing, informative and, much to our enjoyment, not afraid to throw a lil’

StrictlyVC: September 27, 2017

Happy Wednesday, everyone! We have to keep it short and sweet today (just back the vet, prepping for tonight’s StrictlyVC event in SF, blah blah), but more tomorrow.:)

Top News in the A.M.

A Texas city’s firefighter pension fund,

StrictlyVC: September 26, 2017

Hi, happy Tuesday, all! Excited to see some of you tomorrow night in San Francisco!

Top News in the A.M.

Twitter says it’s going to try giving some of us 280 characters to see how that goes.

StrictlyVC: September 25, 2017

Hi, happy Monday, everyone! Ours could be better: we had one of those rare but horrible mornings when we hit the save button to publish the newsletter and poof, all of our work magically disappeared. Longtime readers know this happens to us roughly once a year.