StrictlyVC: July 19, 2017

Hi, everyone, happy Wednesday.:) Top News in the A.M. The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a setback to Donald Trump’s travel ban earlier today, forcing his administration to accept people with grandparents, cousins and other relatives in the U.S. Four more smartphone makers have

StrictlyVC: July 18, 2017

Hi, happy Tuesday, all.:) We’re on a plane with good-but-not-great WiFi; if we missed anything major, we’ll catch you up tomorrow. Top News in the A.M. An investigation into alleged sexual misconduct at an event in 2013 has now led AngelList to

StrictlyVC: July 17, 2017

Hi, happy Monday, everyone! We’re on the beautiful campus of MIT today, in between a few on-stage interviews. We’ll be traveling for much of tomorrow, so you might be receiving the low-calorie version of StrictlyVC, but we’ll be back in

StrictlyVC: July 14, 2017

Friday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, everyone. We’ll be writing you on Monday from Boston, where, among other things, we’re excited to be interviewing several top robotics investors, including Helen Zelman of Lemnos, Josh Wolfe of Lux Capital, and SRI

StrictlyVC: July 13, 2017

Happy Thursday, everyone.:) Binary Capital: Everyone is weary of hearing about it, we know, but we did want to correct an earlier report that we’d gotten wrong. We’d told you that LPs of the venture firm Binary Capital had accepted co-founder Jonathan

StrictlyVC: July 12, 2017

Aha! You didn’t realize that we hadn’t published yet today! Gotcha.:) Top News in the A.M. Shares of PayPal hit an all-time high today of $56.99, thanks to a new company partnership with Apple. Another VC bites the dust. Frank Artale, who, over the last decade,

StrictlyVC: July 11, 2017

Tuesday! Top News in the A.M. Snapchat shares were downgraded this morning by Morgan Stanley, a rare rebuke by a firm that helped bring it public. The Trump administration said yesterday it would delay, and probably eliminate down the line, a federal rule

StrictlyVC: July 10, 2017

Hi, hope you had a wonderful weekend, everyone! No column today (it’s not ready quite yet), but quick mention: one week from today, we’ll be in Boston for TechCrunch interviewing the “father of robotics,” Rodney Brooks. If you’re a robotics investor or

StrictlyVC: July 7, 2017

Friday! [Moonwalks.] No column today, but before we go, a shout out on behalf of our colleagues over at TechCrunch: If you are a startup founder, or an investor who knows startup founders, know that TC is right now reviewing

StrictlyVC: July 6, 2017

Hi, all, hope you’re having a terrific Thursday. Thanks to the many of you who picked up tickets for our September event yesterday; we’ll have more info about the event for you soon.:) Top News in the A.M. Starting today, Uber’s new in-app