StrictlyVC: March 2, 2018

Friday! For those of you who made it out to the event Tuesday night, we now have pictures, courtesy of photographer Dani Padgett (who we pretty much adore; she shoots at most of our events). Check them out here.

StrictlyVC: March 1, 2018

Well, hello! Great hearing from so many of you yesterday.:) We’re sorry to say our T-shirts are all gone (well, they are accounted for; we’ll be shipping them out this weekend). But we promise to keep the rest of you in mind for future spillover swag.

StrictlyVC: February 28, 2018

Last night was so fun! We loved seeing everyone who came (nice landscape shothere). Thanks again to our fantastic guest speakers Marten Mickos, Ryan Williams, Caterina Fake, Tina Sharkey, Vlad Tenev, Medha Agarwal and Kate Conger. Thanks to our brilliant volunteers from UC Berkeley: Sahar Afrakhan,

StrictlyVC: February 27, 2018

Tuesday! We are *so* excited to see those of you coming tonight to our first event of the year(!). One quick mention: There’s a bit of construction happening on the first floor of NEA’s South Park building. It sounds like things will be tidied up by the time the doors open for the event but you may see papered-over walls and windows.

StrictlyVC: February 26, 2018

Monday! Hope you’re enjoying yours.:) (No column today.)


Top News


Apple is planning to release the largest iPhone ever later this year.


Facebook has agreed to pay $35 million to settle claims that its officers and directors misled investors in the company’s 2012 initial public offering.

StrictlyVC: February 23, 2018

Friday! [Tumbles over jump rope.] Have a great weekend, everyone.:)


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Dropbox has finally filed for its long-awaited S-1. You can start learning about what’s what here.

StrictlyVC: February 22, 2018

Hi! Happy Thursday, everyone.


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Reality TV star Kylie Jenner wiped out $1.2 billion in Snap’s market value with a single tweet posted yesterday.


StrictlyVC: February 21, 2018

Hi, all!  Quick reminder that we’re now less than a week away from our first INSIDER event of 2018! We are *so* excited to see many of you, including guest speakers Vlad Tenev of Robinhood, Caterina Fake of Yes VC, 

StrictlyVC: February 20, 2018

Hi, happy Tuesday.:)


Top News


Supermarket juggernaut Albertsons is buying a big part of drug store giant Rite Aid in an attempt to better compete with both Amazon and an increasingly acquisitive Walmart.

StrictlyVC: February 19, 2018

Hello! Greetings from Bear Valley, Ca., a ski resort that we highly recommend if you enjoy little towns with few frills. (In the ’70s, it was apparently a favorite of Hollywood actors Robert Conrad, Lloyd Bridges and Clint Eastwood.) It’s also a lot less crowded than Tahoe,