StrictlyVC: September 1, 2017

Friday! StrictlyVC is publishing Monday, Labor Day, but don’t hate us if it’s highly condensed (which, let’s face it, is what’s going to happen). Happy long weekend, everyone. If you haven’t already, please do send a little something to the folks in Houston, who

StrictlyVC: August 31, 2017

Thursday! Hope yours is going well.:) With some of you wondering: we recently ran out of seats to our StrictlyVC event next month, but you can always put your name on our waitlist, which is growing but not out of control, and we

StrictlyVC: August 30, 2017

Wednesday! Top News in the A.M. Kalanick versus Benchmark heads today to a courtroom in Delaware, where the lawsuit ocould either be placed on a fast track or thrown out entirely. In a rare partnership, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos just announced a tie-up that will

StrictlyVC: August 29, 2017

Hi, everyone, good morning! Here’s where to donate to victims of Harvey, a storm we now know is like no other in U.S. history. Top News in the A.M. Uber is ending its post-trip tracking of riders, as part of a new public relations privacy push. Sponsored

StrictlyVC: August 28, 2017

Holy s, southeast Texas. Hang in there. No column today (we’re not quite done with what we’re working on). Top News in the A.M. Uber has a new CEO: longtime Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. Here’s an excellent look at his career, and what he and

StrictlyVC: August 25, 2017

Friday! [Clouds part, rainbows appear in background.] Hope you have a fantastic weekend, everyone.:) Friends in Texas, we’re thinking of you! Top News in the A.M. A South Korean court just found 49-year-old Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong guilty of bribery and sentenced

StrictlyVC: August 24, 2017

Hi, all, happy Thursday. Hope you’re enjoying these last weeks of August.:) A quick note to our reporter friends out there, especially those of you in the Bay Area. If you are interested in attending our upcoming SVC event the

StrictlyVC: August 23, 2017

Well, hello, and happy Wednesday.:) Top News in the A.M. VIPKid, an online education company that matches Chinese students with North American teachers and has been exploding as parents seek out high-quality education for the children, just raised $200 million,

StrictlyVC: August 22, 2017

Hi, happy Tuesday.:) SO MANY CALLS TODAY. (We didn’t forget you.) Top News in the A.M. Sonos says its customers won’t be given an option to opt out of its new privacy policy, leaving them with sound systems that may eventually

StrictlyVC: August 21, 2017

Hi and happy Monday, everyone! No column today. (It was the first day back to school in our house, so hectic. We’ve also been distracted by this stupefying solar eclipse, which we’re still watching online.) In separate news: our upcoming event, Wednesday,