StrictlyVC: April 6, 2018

Yesterday, we meant to write “tantalizingly.” We hate it when we make errors like that, largely because it’s then harder to poke fun at this monster. (Okay, fine, he’s mostly human!

StrictlyVC: April 5, 2018

Thursday! So tantalizingly close to Friday!


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Stocks are rising for a third day. (Phew.)


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StrictlyVC: April 4, 2018

Hello! Happy Wednesday.:)


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It turns out the woman who attacked YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno yesterday may have been acting out of anger over its content policies. More here.

StrictlyVC: April 3, 2018

Hi, happy Tuesday, all.


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We wish very much this was not suddenly the top news, but: Gunshots were reported around 1 p.m. PST near the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno,

StrictlyVC: April 2, 2018

Happy Monday and welcome back.:)


New Yorkers, stay warm. (So nuts.)


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Apple is planning to use its own chips in Mac computers beginning as early as 2020,

StrictlyVC: March 30, 2018

Friday! We’re hopping in a car for the next few hours so have to keep this short.Hope you’re in for a wonderful weekend. Happy Easter. More Monday.:)


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The FCC has approved SpaceX‘s proposed plan to build a constellation of Internet-beaming satellites to provide global broadband service.

StrictlyVC: March 29, 2018

Happy Thursday, all.:) We’re still here in Tahoe, where it’s sort of boiling suddenly but still beautiful. We’re headed back tomorrow so SVC may be a little short (but sweet!).


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Donald Trump lashed out at Amazon in a tweet earlier,

StrictlyVC: March 28, 2018

Hello, there, and happy Wednesday.:)


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Donald Trump  isn’t interested cracking down on Facebook, according to a new report in Axios. Instead, “he’s obsessed with Amazon,”

StrictlyVC: March 27, 2018

Hi, happy Tuesday, all.:)


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Uh oh. Tech stocks are tumbling again in a wave of afternoon sell-offs.


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StrictlyVC: March 26, 2018

Happy Monday from Lake Tahoe! (Spring break.) It isn’t clear how much time we’ll have this week, but if you also happen to be here and want to grab coffee, let us know.


Also, quick mention: our phone is borked right now after being unceremoniously dropped on the road.